Stretch Ceilings

Because traditional ceilings always end up wearing, yellowing or cracking, leading to renovations that are often long and inconvenient, stretch ceilings are the ideal alternative that will allow you to enjoy an impeccable ceiling for many years to come. Offering a 12 year warranty, TENDLight proposes unique and original ways to finish your ceilings at competition-defying prices when compared with other stretch ceiling manufacturers in Canada.

Using a simplified hanging profile system, the TENDLight premium quality canvases adapt to any support or shape to create 2D or 3D effects and meet all building codes in Canada.

stretch ceiling in a bathroom

Our process uses the “clipped” method that is the evolution in the field of stretch ceilings. The current method used by the competition was invented more than 40 years ago at the beginning of the stretch ceilings. But mostly it is the most expensive technology to produce. It is through our new attachment system “clipped” invented 15 years ago in France that we can offer stretch ceilings at a very competitive price. However in some projects the older method remains interesting, it is why we propose, in certain situations, the harpooned solution, including shape design and self-supporting frame.

tendlight stretch ceiling

Clean and quick installation

Our products can usually be installed in less than a day, thus avoiding all the inconveniences of a ceiling renovation (furniture moving, required time for paint to dry, odor, sanding and dust, etc.). This is especially interesting for businesses, clinics or industries that can’t stop their operations for an extended period of time. The finish and durability of stretch ceilings is not to be proven anymore. It is not uncommon to see ceilings installed in Europe for over 20 years and and never needed maintenance yet.


stretch ceilings

In addition to its easy installation, recessed pod lights, fixtures, climate control vents, sprinkler systems, LED lighting can also be seamlessly integrated for a distinctive design effect. Our stretch ceilings only use about 1/2 inch in height which is very advantageous. Only TENDLight process allows this. This is perfect for basements and rooms with low ceilings.

With our attachment processes of the canvas, there is no billing for angles or unconventional ceiling shapes as is often seen among the competitors. We do a square foot package price including the entire cost. (Equipment and installation).

Stretch ceilings are ideal to replace old textured plaster ceilings that was popular a few decades ago. Re-smoothing such ceiling is very long (drying time), very dusty (sanding) And very expensive (smoothing, sanding and painting). Done in one day, without dust and with amazing results. No sanding trace, no brush strokes, the result is perfect.

stretch ceilings
stretch ceilings

An alternative to traditional walls

Because they adapt to any support and can match all shapes, our canvases can also be used on walls. For straight or rounded installation, our stretch walls will transform your rooms with all the advantages that this new type of material brings. Whether you are interested in the decorative aspect of printed murals or are drawn to the functional, acoustic, antibacterial, anti-stain or waterproof features, the stretch wall will easily adapt to your living room, kitchen, bathroom or any space in your home or business.

Put an end to scaling, mould and cracks by covering your old walls with TENDLight products. Stretch walls are very durable and are also chlorine resistant so they can be used in wet spaces such as showers, interior pools and spas.

stretch wall
print stretch ceiling
print stretch ceiling

Modular panels

A new range of profiles allows us to go further in the designs. aluminum profiles allow you to create modular panels, suspend or attach directly to create partitions, setting module of any form. We can also integrate LED lights, acoustic or printed canvases. A range of profiles is available for designers and installers to meet a maximum of possibilities. We can use our TENDTex, TENDAcoustik or paint but also PVC Canvas. The achievements have no limit to the delight of architects and designers.

print stretch ceiling
print stretch ceiling

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