The TENDLight network continues to grow in the far west of Canada.
A new stretch ceiling installer just joined us. Located in British Columbia, they covers the Greater Vancouver area. A designer furniture store owner, he became interested in the stretch ceiling as a result of regular requests from his clients. He took the TENDLight Stretch Ceiling Formation online, that only TENDLight offers. Many of our installers have learned all the techniques of poses with that formation.

In this area too, popcorn ceilings are outdated! And of course it is the stretch ceiling that is the fastest and most effective way to make disappear these unpleasant ceilings from home. Dust-free, with a matte, satin or glossy finish!

As you know, the TENDLight stretch ceiling is used in all decors, classic, modern and even rustic! Isaac, the owner of Adobe House Inc., and a certified installer TENDLight in Vancouver, will be able to introduce this product to anyone who is not familiar with it. Do not hesitate to contact him, he will offer you a perfect service for your project.

Isaac Khoo
Adobe House Inc.

518 Kent Ave South E. Vancouver, BC. Canada V5X 4V6
Tel: 1-604-638-0811 Ext 302

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