Comparison between LED lighting and other types of light bulbs.

Some may say .. “I do not turn on enough the lights at home to save money and energy buying LED bulbs”
This is wrong! First, to date in Europe and North America, the 75 and 100W bulbs are now prohibited for sale.
We are left with the choice between saving bulbs (compact fluorescent) or LED.
light bulbs comparison


LED Bulbs lights up 100% immediately
LED lighting works best in cold environments. (Compact fluorescent manufacturers strongly advise not to use these bulbs outdoors and in unheated rooms ..)
Resistant to ignition / repeated extinctions
The quality of light is better
No hazardous product in the LED bulbs (Do not forget that CFLs are considered “hazardous waste” especially because of the mercury inside.
Longer lifetime. (up to 30 years in residence!)
And the LED consumes less!

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