Exclusive in Canada – 3.20m seamless stretch canvas ceiling

The only disadvantage we could find in the stretch ceiling are the welds. Although very discreet (the size of a human hair), Sometimes, depending on the lighting and the desired level of finish, welds can be a hindrance to the installation of stretch ceiling for some people.
When in the high end, the designers / architects push their ideas to their highest level, depending on the situation, the welds can be detrimental to the final result.
Much progress has been made in this area in recent years. There are still a lot of colours that will be install with 1.30m roll widths.
In basic colours, the most common widths currently observed among our competitors are 2m (6.6 ‘).
For a while now we offer our customers a width of 2.40m (7.9 ‘) in some of the top selling colours like white, black, gray ..

Our company always has an eye for detail! And we do everything to satisfy all our customers, that’s why you never see a TENDLight stretch ceiling with a weld that is not centered in the room, for example, and without paying extra!
And that’s why we are proud to offer a variety of colours in widths of 3.20! (10.7 ‘) (white, gray, dark gray, black, light beige, dark beige, and our newest addition, the GALAXY black filled with spangles for a great effect.)
We wish to clarify that by offering a stretched canvas of this width does not affect the quality of our ceilings.
We pay particular attention to the quality of our stretch canvas.

bedroom stretch canvas ceiling

In this stretch canvas ceiling project in Quebec, our installers used our 3.2m width dark Grey fabric. No light in the ceiling, gypsum settled on the periphery of the room, and the result is sumptuous.
The concept made by NOVARO Design is a total success. We take this opportunity to thanks them for their confidence in the TENDLight products.

Several designers consider this advantage, and other benefits that TENDlight products offer:

  • Rates
  • Responsiveness and speed of delivery
  • 12 year warranty
  • Quality canvas (Test fire according CUL / CANS2 EXOVA)
  • Widths of 2.40 and 3.20 in various colours
  • Manufacturing in Canada
  • Different products (like the new STAR GALAXY that we are the only ones in Canada to offer as well as acoustic solutions)
  • Manufacturing with focused welds
  • Profile system discretion
  • Installers QoS

It is for these reasons that big names specialized in interior design like Novaro, Atelier Avant Garde or Poliquin Decor and many others, have chosen to work with TENDLight products.
And we thank them ALL!

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