Gatineau and Ottawa Stretch ceiling Installer, André LALONDE

The TENDLight team Is Delighted to welcome a new stretch ceiling installer. André Lalonde ours new and first installer in the Ottawa and Gatineau region. Good worker, already active in the renovation, André got seduced by all the opportunities offered by the stretch ceiling. He’s been learning the stretch ceiling installation via our online training course for about two years now! Upon is first installations that are total success! He completed his own basement in a very short time, without dust or paint job. He created a great WOW effect .. and in addition to this success, the newly renovated basement helped him to sell his house quickly. THINK ABOUT IT!!

Now André Lalonde is part of the network and is an approved TENDLight Stretch ceiling installers. He can also install our walls and printed murals … If you are in the Ottawa region, do not hesitate! Contact him.

TENDLight Offer the Best Price on the Canadian market. We meet all the standards required by the building code and we are the only ones to offer a 12 year warranty!

Enjoy our dozens of colours in stock in Canada and because everything is prepared in the country we offer rapid manufacturing turnaround. For 4 years in Canada, TENDLight is gaining popularity and became the leader in the residential and commercial stretch ceiling market. The stretch ceiling is an outstanding product that gives a WOW effect to your room whatever the design type, modern, classic, contemporary or even the baroque, stretch ceiling fits everywhere!

André, Welcome In Our Network! And the whole Team Wish you a great success !!


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