Stretch ceiling in a jewellery store in Shediac

Modern lines with the Glossy Black stretch ceiling with TENDLight LED Technology lighting.

black glossy stretch ceiling bijouterie shediac avant

In this jewelry we have a perfect example of the benefit of the TENDLight stretch ceiling. Initially there were very old and multiple time repainted 2 x 4’’ ceiling tiles. The idea of using a stretch ceiling in this room came from an interior Designer. It was not necessary to remove all the old ceiling. Because our stretched canvas take only half an inch of space, it was very simple to install our TENDlight canvas underneath. This avoided to remove all the old ceiling, we kept the existing insulation and add an extra one through our system.

In Canada, 2 × 2 or 2 × 4 tiles are widely used in both commercial and residential. This is not always a very aesthetic solution. The stretch ceiling has become an alternative to the false ceiling system. There are many advantages that we find in stretch ceilings. In this jewelry, the designer chose a lacquered finish canvas (black glossy stretch ceiling with a mirror reflection). It is good to know that the mirror effect of a stretch ceiling varies parts because it depends on the natural light or lighting. But also the mirror effect is much more pronounced with dark canvases. This is why with a tight black glossy stretch ceiling we have this beautiful mirror effect.

Beautiful, but also useful!

Another great advantage for businesses that we often forget, is that having the equivalent of a mirror on the ceiling allows better monitoring of stores. Thieves have already been caught in the act by people who have seen the reflection of it on the ceiling. This is very useful in perfumery shop, jewelry and all kinds of different retailers.

In this ceiling we have integrate LED lighting, sprinklers, as well as heating system. We also provided all of the LED lighting. In displays we installed LED ribbons, qualities  PAR38 LED bulbs and MR16 LED in cabinets.

Again, we see that the stretch ceiling helps make beautiful achievements by combining aesthetics ceilings, renovation saving and Sustainability at prices that we are the only ones able to offer through our clever installation system.

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