Stretch Ceiling  in the Griffin District, Montreal

The TENDLight’s stretch ceiling is a finishing solution for ceilings that can be incorporated into all designs. Seen in this example, a contemporary condo in new buildings of the Griffin District in Montreal.

The rough concrete finish of the ceiling did not satisfied the customers who have, instead,  opted for the stretch ceiling. The installation time make it a great asset. Not to mention that TENDLight Stretch ceilings are installed without making dust.

Can you imagine the time and inconveniences of making a ‘’regular’’ gypsum ceiling on the 6th floor of a building? Bringing all the equipment and the sheets upstairs, making the stripes and the tapping. Letting it dry, sanding. Then redoing the whole process a second time. Make a first layer and let it dry … It’s endless, time consuming and everything get cover in dust. Here is the solution! Stretch ceilings at an affordable price, finish that no one can never get with a paint job. Some clips, a vinyl or fabric roll, a few tools and voila! A beautiful ceiling done in a few hours and guaranteed for 12 years. No mess, no smell and dust free.

tendlight stretch ceiling montreal, QC

It’s for these reasons that this client is well pleased with our product. The installation was performed by Plafond solution inc., a company that uses the TENDLight’s stretch ceiling for a while now. They already installed our product in Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Lévis, Trois-Rivières and they are ready to work in Ottawa or Toronto if necessary! For the renovation of ceilings, to beautify a room, change the look or to end a cracking ceiling problem, it is imperative that the stretch ceiling becomes your first solution in mind. No more cracking paint, renderings we want to cover, the outdated textured plaster. With matte, satin or glossy finishes, this solution meets all expectations and tastes.

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Coming up, an article on TENDLight solution for walls and ceilings in humide rooms (bathroom, spa, indoor pool etc ..)

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