For all those who do not know what stretch ceiling is and for those who know but wants to see the process of installing TENDLight’s stretch ceilings, we invite you to watch the show ‘’Des idées de grandeurs’’ that will be aired on CANAL VIE.

Led by Pascal Nakhlé, designer well known in Montreal and  on Canal Vie, you’ll be able to discover all the advantages of stretch ceilings. Pascale Nakhlé artistic side and experience in interior design (commercial and residential), has put forward the stretch ceiling TENDLight beautifying this room to the delight of the clients.

pascale nakhle designer

In this realization Pascal decided to use one of our advantages, which is to be able to install our product on the ceiling but also on a wall. The rendering is a amazing!

The LED lights (Brought by TENDLigh Technolgy) continues in the reflection of the wall giving a surprising effect.

In this small rbasement room, Pascal Nakhlé, successfully gave a effect of magnitude by pushing the limits given by the walls and TENDLight products.

We would like to thanks our Québec team who is responsible for doing the installation. David and Jean-François from Plafond solutions inc. have done a remarkable job  of all of their achievements in Quebec. We highly recommend them for any project you have in mind.

Here is a list of air time for our appearance on the show.


  • Thursday Octobre 22 – 11h00

Reruns :

  • Friday October 23 – 08h00
  • Friday October 23 – 22h30
  • Saturday October 24 – 04h30
  • Sunday October 25 – 10h00

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