The company TENDLight, which had been established in New Brunswick for 5 years, moved to the north shore of Montreal. We are very pleased with this change that will provide better service to our various customers and installers across Canada. We will also be at the heart of the action!

Our company is specialized in the manufacture of stretch ceilings, stretched walls, large format prints and all kinds of products. But also we have a whole range of High quality LED Product.

We have created a division that will be responsible for the installation of the stretch ceilings in the greater Montreal area.

We are delighted to have integrated our temporary premises in Sainte Thérese this summer. Indeed, the building is in total renovation, and we plan to return to our final premises at the same address for spring 2018 !!

Our clients will be able to find a showroom, the offices, the manufacturing plant. Everything will be gathered in the same place. Our various installers will benefit from a better reactivity, savings on the transport but also on the equipment.

And who can benefit from all these advantages? Our dear customers who like the stretch ceiling!

We want to continue to innovate to offer new things to our customers but also to ensure that the tight ceiling can be accessible to as many people as possible!

The manufacture of stretch ceilings and accessories is now in Quebec, It is with pride that we can say TENDLight ”made in Quebec”!

TENDLight, a manufacturer of ceilings in Quebec, will be delighted to offer you high-quality fabrics, impeccable installations, and above all a seamless customer service! Because for us the satisfaction of our customers is essential!

The choice of Sainte Therese for the installation of our factory was carefully considered. A strategic location, at the crossroads of Principal 640 and the 15, and very close to the 50 that serves Ottawa and Gatineau. We have the possibility to send our canvases quickly to the entire TENDLight network. Installers in Saskatoon or Winnipeg save time in delivery compared to departures from Moncton, NB.

For all of our arrivals (LED and raw materials) it is generally in Lachine a few hours from Sainte Therese. There are only advantages of this new location without mentioning that we are just at the limit of the famous traffic of Montreal !!

It is with joy that we will open doors to the public in the spring of 2018!


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