TENDLight stretch ceiling in Montreal

We’ll have to rely on Maxim Plante in the Montreal area!

A carpenter, a specialist in residential and commercial false ceilings, suspended and Gypsum ceilings, Maxime joined our network of installers to complete the installation of TENDLight stretch ceilings in the Montreal area. The province of Quebec has a new TENDLight stretch ceiling installer!

Seduce by the result after working on a commercial project where he saw the installation of a stretch ceiling made by a competitor, Maxime did his research, considering the various factors in the field of stretch ceilings he chose TENDLight.

living room stretch ceiling


He was right! Our benefits have tipped the balance:

– Easy installation of our stretched canvas, as well as for walls and ceilings

– Affordable material price

– Good profit margin

– A simplified and less expensive profile system

– Manufacture made in Canada

– The existing network of installers that continues to grow in Canada and soon in the US

– Our achievements in the residential and commercial sector

– Canvas that do not require heating all the time for the installation

– Speed of delivery and guarantee of 12 years!

– Cold canvas solutions and acoustic fabrics

– Large format wall prints (up 3.20 seamless!)

– Our presence in the salons of Habitat ..

Are some of the reasons why Maxime has joined our team to serve the Montreal area, Mirabel, Laval, Longueuil, and he is not afraid to go further… Gatineau, Ottawa etc …

We are extremely happy to have this professional with us. We already know it’s going to be very promising.

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