TENDLight stretch ceiling expend out of Canadian borders!

We are expanding our team and welcoming new installers in the United States and more specifically in the states of:

– California   – Texas   – Minnesota
usa stretch ceiling

You can contact Kevin Nguyen (Sevin construction) that deals with the TENDLight stretch ceiling facilities in these states of America.

Our products are still very little known in the United States and western Canada, but because of these passionate of renovation, things are moving !!

The stretch ceiling is a finishing product for exceptional ceilings. Durability, quality finish, speed of installation and dust-free are among some advantages of it.

Our rates are affordable and with us, getting a new stretch ceiling is no longer luxe.

Premium product for the renovation or new construction, combining business with pleasure! stretch ceiling is the solution for your ceilings!

And we are very pleased to enter the American market where stretch ceiling normally cost between 15 to $ 20 sq. foot !! As always, we will better and more affordable prices.


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